Wednesday, 20 July 2016

About Me

Hi everyone, my name is Eugene Seah. I am one of the new member who recently joined the JannPaul Team. My fascination of diamond came about when Paul himself introduced diamonds to me eight years back. Like every other person, i was only concerned with the carat , colour and clarity of a diamond. 

Clueless about its cut and combinations, I was impressed how meticulous Paul in analysing the diamonds proportions and its combinations, at the same time simplifying it for me.

On that day, I was shown the Super ideal cut diamond, an Ideal Cut diamond, and a Normal triple excellent cut diamond from GIA. And the Super Ideal cut diamond indeed was and is still in its league of its own.

From that very moment, my view on diamond is on a different perspective.

In the weeks to come, I will be posting useful informations here to share with all to read.
My purpose in JannPaul is to share my knowledge on diamonds, and seek out answers for our customers who have their doubts, and questions.

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